《 the Fortunate 》

"An Ul'dahn with an unsavory past, but an oh-so sweet smile"

Before you is a Seeker of the Sun, denoted easily by tawny skin that glitters with a golden warmth and is adorned with freckles she wears like fine jewelry. Under elegantly messy locks of auburn is a face like painted glass, winsome and rounded, and fixed with a seemingly tireless smile. A strange sort of smile, higher on one side than the other. A smile that often gives others a slightly uneasy feeling, as though she knows something funny that they don’t.

The scar that interrupts her features in such an affronting manner certainly doesn't escape your attention, either. It's an unfortunate crack in otherwise lovely terracotta. Over the bridge of her nose and venturing further down her cheek, it is a pinkish and ragged blight, faded with time yet still harsh.

Scarcely a couple summers past twenty, the facetious feline’s form carries itself just as airy and light as a coveted breeze amidst the dogged Thavarian heat. She's nonchalant, casual, content to watch the world pass her by. Disheveled and thrown together, the disregard for the state of her appearance somehow works even more in her favor and lends to her charmingly wild aura. Her footfalls, akin to a lazy, one-sided waltz.

But, abruptly, that piercing gaze of hers catches you like a swift strike of a scorpion’s tail. A subtle warning that her carefree airs should not be mistaken for unpreparedness. Such dazzling and sharp eyes, pale blue as an Ul’dahn sky at dawn, flicker to you - then through you - before continuing their ever-constant survey of the beautiful and utterly horrifying world you both find yourselves adrift. Together.

《 the Fortunate 》

The Devil is in the Details

"What makes a good person? Is fighting for an idealistic world a fruitless endeavor, coming at the sacrifice of oneself and embittering the soul? Or is greatness worth striving for, even if unattainable, because the simple act of trying alone is how an idealistic world is achieved?"

Name Aliases:

Fen, Fen the Fortunate.


Early Twenties.


Miqo'te. Possibly Mixed.


Ul'dah. Thanalan.


Career criminal with fickle interest in honest work, such as a "mouser", "courier", and "gardener".

《 Positives
Highly Investigative.
Ranged Crack-Shot.
Negatives 》
Habitual Liar.
Aether Sensitive.
Poor Leadership Skills.


  • A warmly lit persona. 》 Like an open flame left to twist and bend with a mellowness to the world around her. She welcomes everyone to bask in her easy-going, sunny disposition.

  • Flirts to a bothersome fault. 》 Fen enjoys provoking others by ways of flattery, too, always watching the eyes for a glint of hesitation -- or intrigue.

  • Enjoys the socially difficult. 》 She's drawn to those more withdrawn, stoic, or standoffish and oft seeks them out over those of a lively kin.

  • Subtlety is key. 》 When discussing delicate topics in public or around possible eavesdroppers, one may be irritated to find that Fen speaks indirectly and in metaphors about matters.

  • Family first. 》 Should her own kin be involved, everyone and everything else will be reduced to a mere footnote. Family is not blood, but family is unbreakable, inseparable, and irreplaceable.

  • Wrath and resolve, like embers to tinder. 》 Can embolden if unchecked, engulf everything in her path, mercilessly burn those around her, leave nary a smudge of black soot in her wake -- should one, of course, strike the match.

《 Likes
Music & Dance.
Dislikes 》

《 the Fortunate 》

Hook, Line, and Sinker

Disclaimer: You are free to use any hook you feel fits without OOC permission.

《 Master Socialite.

Fen is established amongst common folk and noble-born alike, and it's her intention to charm her way further into as many social circles as possible. You don't know Fen yet, but chances are she already knows you, or someone of interest.

《 City Slicker.

The moment this street cat's foot steps beyond the boundaries of a cityscape she becomes a clumsy, directionless twit. Should you find Fen out in the wilds by her lonesome, there's a chance she's in need of aid. She does makes an ideal guide in urban areas, though.

《 Secrets-Monger.

By ways of countless sources, Fen collects intel on both individuals and organizations as a means of potential blackmail or coercion. And her methods of extraction… varies. She is no stranger to buying and selling information, neither.

《 Poison Peddler.

What ails you? Thorn in your side? Pain in the ass? Nothing a little poison can't fix! As someone who claims to work in 'pest control', why, it only makes sense for Fen to carry and sell such an inventory of lethal concoctions to deal with vermin or "vermin".

Ex-Prostitute. 》

Once known for an artfully expertise in bending to the whims and desires of her clientele, it was said she could bed anyone as if her life depended on it. She works via other avenues now but hardly shies away from past clients and fellow prostitutes.

Wanted Criminal. 》

The price of Fen's head may be hefty, but in the face of repercussions, reclusiveness doesn't suit Fen very well. She continues onward with her daily life, ignoring her darkly stained past and presenting herself as a simple, carefree woman.

《 Diligence of the Alacran.

Seemingly overnight, Fen left her life in the brothels behind for a role within the Alacran. It was with them that Fen earned her reputation as a notorious femme fatale, brutal inquisitor, and wanted murderer.

《 Slaver Hunter.

Restlessly and at the expense of her waning mental state, Fen seeks any viable intel regarding those involved in the slave trade within Ul'dah and Limsa Lominsa, and pays handsomely. She has executed a handful to date.

《 the Fortunate 》

The Spinner's Design

《 Past History

A young miqo'te lass, the product born of business within the brothel, sat beside her mother upon the bed. Cool sheets made from silk offered the child a blissful relief from that sweltering Ul'dahn summer. And as she ran her fingers over the sleek fabrics, played with the delicate hems of her mother's long and flowing nightgown, Fen tried to take to heart her words: "I do not hope for you to become a hero, my love," she had said, gentle and hushed. Always, Mother was gentle and hushed. "Be a good person. To the Spinner, that is all I pray."

Such simple words, and yet, so incomprehensible.

Recent History 》

Fen picks at the dirt beneath her nails.

It's an absent-minded habit. The sign of a heavy conscious, of a deep-seated awareness that a figurative filth stains her hands a sickly shade. Once crimson. Now blackened.

Before, she had attempted to verge off her barren path to walk alongside others down cleaner, more earnest roads. Humble work in a tavern. Respectable mercenary work with a company.

Everything fell through. Every thread, in the end, frayed and snapped, and with each failure, she could feel the unbearable itch in her fingers to once more reach back towards the past, towards familiarity, towards what came easy.

But, something then happened. Where once only lingered ghostly shadows of remorse, Fen finds friends, family, almost eclipsing the guilty entirely. Almost. They are people so different from those she is accustomed, and each is vastly diverse from the other. Except they share one singular trait: they are people she cares for. Or, at least, people she wants to care for. People she wants to trust. People she wants to do better by.

And so, now, she tries. Fen tries to wash at the filth from her hands, the dirt, the taint. She scrubs, and scrubs, and scrapes at layers of skin, and bleeds, and fails, and scars - and tries again. Nevermind the pain. Nevermind the worsening wounds.

"Be a good person."

It echoes in the back of her mind, even now. Even after all these unbearable, lonesome summers past sitting upon her bed, alone.

Such simple, pretty words... If only she knew what they meant.

《 the Fortunate 》

The Boring-ish Bits

  • Hey, I'm Orinn! I live on -7GMT and am typically available for in-game RP on late week nights & weekends as well as for Discord RP for pretty much whenever!

  • You can reach me out-of-game on Discord @ o.rinn#3748.

  • I'm 21+ OOC and only RP with others 18+ OOC. Given Fen's history, I hope this is understandable.

  • Communication is key. I will not take anything personally if you tell me something makes you uncomfortable or that you're not having fun. Please.

  • Things such as debilitating injuries, temporary/permanent disfigurement, kidnapping, long-term confinement -- y'know, the usual stuff -- should/will be discussed with you OOC beforehand.

LFRP Themes

If there's anything you're interested in that doesn't appear on this list, please feel free to simply reach out and ask!

TypeDescriptorYay or Nay?
Casual RPLight-hearted social scenes with little drama, sometimes comedic.Yes please!
Adventure RPCharacters partaking in a journey or trip, often involving combat and some medium-level of drama.Yes please!
Drama RPHeavily emotional scenes, often explorative of the characters personally.Delving into a character's belief systems, outlooks, and pasts is one of my favorite parts of RP!
Dark/Mature RPScenes often revolve around mature themes like drugs, sex, crime, and killing.Yes. And this is the part where I post the disclaimer that Fen can - and will - be graphically violent when given purpose.
ERPScenes based primarily around the act of sex.It's not sought out without IC reasons. I do love the emotional side of sex scenes. 'Fade to black' is a-okay, too! :^)

《 the Fortunate 》

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